Serge Nakachi Pelletier


After years of successfully matching imagery to his music for his group Pawa up First, Serge Nakauchi Pelletier is returning the favor and demonstrates today that he has also mastered the art of marrying his music to images.

His interest in and passion for visual arts has led him to provide his own music for projects such as: Le Pacte des Anges (2016), Lâcher Prise (2016), Waseskun (2016), Le Coeur Régulier (2016), Le Démantèlement (2013), Whitewash (2013), Dolorès (2011), Tromper le silence (2009), and documentaries like La Reine malade (2011, Prix ÉcoCaméra), La vérité du pouvoir : Bernie Ecclestone (2010). He has also collaborated with Beast, Ariane Moffatt, Xavier Cafeine, Camaromance, Boogat, Akido, Alexandre Désilet et Betty Bonifassi.