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For me, one of the sources of gift culture was my grandmother. I never saw her waste anything. I always saw her trying to ask questions: do we really need this? Is this going to really make us happy? And she was quite simple in her living. Even in the sense she would set limits... I’m only going to buy one sari this year. So she sat down and said, “if I take this, I’m going to set a challenge for myself, give something else to somebody else to help them out.” My first questions around gift culture probably happened when I was working on Wall Street. I was an investment banker and, started to really see how the money system works: how money can be manipulated, how speculative capital deals can be done - and about how, really, money is so disconnected – from life, from communities, from nature. It really hit me, I said I can’t continue to support this- and so I left that world.


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Where did this gift come from?


Where did this gift come from?

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