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Everybody wants to be 'a good person'. In my understanding being good begins with the recognition that your life came to you as a gift and that your job here is to honour that gift by giving the best and highest part of yourself to others without a shred of judgment or calculation. There are so many things that can get in the way of this simple impulse. The key is to elevate the impulse and make it a compulsion to act. If someone admires a shirt I'm wearing I'm likely to give it to them on the spot, even if it's my favourite shirt, and go home shivering. If someone is stuck with a problem I know how to solve I'll drop everything and solve it for them, even it means temporarily putting aside my own earth-shaking problems. If a person is helpless in the face of some dreadful suffering I'll cook them dinner and tell bad jokes. If I meet a new person, a stranger in my town, who needs to meet someone else I know to get on with their big dream I'll make that happen. The object of the exercise is to get this gift-giving energy whizzing around between people. When we live in this way together we nourish the goodness in ourselves and others and, like a grain of sand perfectly placed on a beach, help to bring the world back into balance.


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Where did this gift come from?


Where did this gift come from?

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