“What we have been given must be given away, not kept- the gift must always move.”  writes Lewis Hyde. 

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What audiences are saying

“More than a worthy tribute to one of my favorite books, Robin McKenna’s Gift translates Lewis Hyde’s remarkable notion into new terms. A beautiful, moving, and thought-provoking reflection on the creative process and the things that make us human.”                      – Jonathan Lethem


“Marvelous and inspiring”        – Lewis Hyde, author of The Gift


We had about 70 people at the screening and a VERY lively discussion that went on in the foyer after you left…. It certainly provoked people thinking….. even long after we had closed up – I went to leave and found a huddle of people in the carpark still talking (in the freezing Canberra winter!)                           – Simon Weaving, curator, National Gallery of Australia


Especially for the world-weary, this film and its stories are a gift to us all from the insanely talented Robin Siobhan McKenna #Gift         – Justine McIntyre, Montreal


Robin Siobhan McKenna your film is truly a Gift! A magical journey in four different yet parallel cultures of art and giving. Creativity bringing forth the simple truth that giving is the gift itself…

Here are some themes that I noticed in the conversation following the film:
* It’s hard to think of experiences of generosity, but once you get started you realize life is filled with them.
* Creativity and generosity are profoundly related and may be the same thing.</i<
* “Exchange” is too small a concept for the practice of generosity. Generosity is generative, so that everyone feels that they get more than they give.
* There was an urge to start acting on the inspiration of the film – to think of things we can do!
* We can also be generous to ourselves – giving ourselves time, self-care, movement, etc. This is a pathway to joy.       

Michelle Holliday